We Help you Sell your Business in Line with Corporate Finance Concepts.

In fact, we wrote the blog on it!

Purpose :    A Cutting-Edge Customer Service to Help you Sell your Business.

Help you sell your business, and grow through creativity, exceptional and cutting-edge customer services by pursuing business through innovation, constant enhancement, long-term relationship and profitability.

Core Values :    An Ethical & Smarter Way to Help you Sell your Business.

To be trustworthy when we  help you sell your business, we integrate strong ethics principals into all aspects of our business functioning

At PRO BUSINESS SELLING, we believe there is a SMARTER way to do BUSINESS SELLING STRATEGY CONSULTING. A more valuable way, with better results, where customers are truly guided. We treat them with respect and honesty, always tell them the truth and make no unrealistic promise.

Mission :    We Help you Sell your Business for More.

We are obsessively passionate about our mission which is to build long term relationships with clients and referrals, to help them achieve their business selling goal with the smartest strategy and with the most benefits out of the deal.

We focus on Proper Business Selling Preparation and Valuation to get the best-selling price. With us, customers will not leave any money on the table. Business valuation in the strategic process is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of great Corporate Finance, and Small Business Selling, and we see that as an opportunity. We are excited to simplify BUSINESS SELLING for everyone through our Strategic Tool, Education program and Community.

Founding :   From Corporate Finance Blog to a Smarter “Help you Sell your Business” Tool.

PRO BUSINESS SELLING was founded by HERVE LEVY in 2019, as part of a professional work at the end of his Master’s degree in Financial & Tax Engineering at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Paris – ESCP Europe. First, It was called, and started as a blog and online media community where some of the most shared Corporate Finance Principles and Ideas were explained to everyone with simple words for difficult concepts. That hub of finance industry expertise transformed into a small consulting firm and led us to focus on SMALL and MEDIUM Business Selling and create our SMART STRATEGIC DASHBOARD.

Early Growth & Funding

After a glimpse of the demand on the “Help you Sell your Business” market, we shift our focus from consulting to our SMART STRATEGIC DASHBOARD SOLUTION, with at first, no external source of funding to power the development of new tools and ideas.

A New Leaf to Demistify Business Valuation & Selling

With our new strategic orientation and our marketing efforts in full swing, we codified our core values in our new Brand PRO BUSINESS SELLING and Tagline: Finding Value – Creating Results and continued our educational content in an effort to demystify Corporate Finance, Business Valuation & Selling.

Where Does the Name “PRO BUSINESS SELLING” Come From?

We looked for a Brand Name to be appropriate, professional, and universally understandable, thus appealing to our target clients with keywords that will garner results.

The opportunity to choose PRO BUSINESS SELLING is not only a relevant and defining business name, but also a professional name which will resonate well with our target client. A name that will catch the attention of those wishing to sell their business.

The Tagline: “Finding Value – Producing Results” accompany well the brand in our effort to impose our core values. It really tells the true story, well.

To Infinity and Beyond  –  A Necessary Online Business Selling Strategy.

With Online Business and eCommerce more important than ever, we will have to steadily shift our strategy and vision toward a necessary creativity, innovation and online presence. We will have to make constant and dramatic improvements to our core BUSINESS SELLING STRATEGIC PROCESS and continue to push for transparency and a clear understanding of an otherwise complex field.

Customers & Users :   Who is Business Selling Help Strategy For ?

  • Any Small (under $1M revenue) & Medium Businesses, willing to sell, for any reason, but don’t know how to do it and who to talk to except their Lawyer or Accountant.
  • Any Start-Up willing to leverage funds through a private deal or an IPO (Initial Public Offering).
  • Any Law or Accounting Firm, looking for a Strategic assistance and Expert opinion.


Herve Levy

Founder at Pro Business Selling