Making Money


What’s better than making money?

Learning to make money while you sleep!

Waking up wealthier than when you went to sleep is a great feeling. You don’t have to be ultra-rich to make money while you sleep. There are things you can do wherever you are in your financial plans so that you can create passive income sources.

Continue reading this article to learn how to create passive income streams that will pay you while you’re catching zzz’s.

The 11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

Linear income is income you make by the work you do. You have to be there to make a linear income.

Passive income is income you earn by doing little to no daily work to keep it coming. That’s the kind of income we like, isn’t it?



1. High-Yield Savings

If you’re extremely risk-averse then high-yield savings accounts are a good way to generate passive income. While the returns aren’t very high, you don’t have a lot of risk with a savings account as you do with other options.

Most banks don’t pay enough to make any difference in your cash flow but if you go with an online bank, you can get some decent interest on your savings.

2. High Dividend Stocks

Ready to stop playing around with small returns? High dividend stocks can help you get into higher ROIs than high-yield savings. You do have to keep in mind that there are more risks with this investment.

Keep in mind that you can gain income from dividends and capital gains. Find a good brokerage with low fees and you’re off to the races.

3. Passive Real Estate

Real estate doesn’t sound like very passive investment, does it? You may be thinking about people flipping houses or managing renters. The good news is that this is not the only way you can make money from real estate.

If you own properties that you want to rent, you can hire a property management company to take care of this part of things. You simply have to be responsive when the property management company needs you for any major decisions.

There are other ways to make your real estate investment passive such as using a company like Fundrise or Realty Mogul.

4. Invest with a Robo Advisor

Don’t want to make your own decisions on what investments to buy? No worries — robots can do it for you.

These smart algorithms take the guesswork out of which investment plan is the best for you. When you use a robo advisor, you input your willingness for risk and the robo advisor is off to make a decision for your financial future and success.

5. Invest in CDs

CDs are another safe way to grow your money. They have a little bit better rates than high-yield savings accounts but you have to commit to keeping your money in the accounts for a certain amount of time.

The longer you commit to having your money in the CDs, the more money you’re going to have on the other side when the CD is mature.

One of the good things about CDs is that your interest is locked in no matter how much interest rates fluctuate during the length of your CD.

6. Invest in Index Funds

Investing in index funds allow you to invest in the general market. No worrying about which investments to pick or when you need to rebalance your portfolio.

7. YouTube

YouTube channels that are making big money aren’t only the gamers that you hear about. There are channels on beauty, kids opening toys and much more that are making a nice income on their videos.

8. Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing is when you market other people’s products and get paid for commissions that come from your specific tracking URL. Affiliate income off a product can be anywhere from a few cents for a lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars as a commission on a sale.

Creating a way to get the right people to those links can allow you to make a nice passive income. Blogging is one of the ways many people use to get traffic to affiliate offers.

9. Selling Ad Space

Another way to make money if you have a blog other than affiliate marketing is by selling ad space. If you can get people to look at your blog then advertisers want to get in front of those people as well.

You can charge individual businesses or you can use ad networks like Google’s own Adsense or companies like MediaVine.

Selling ad space can make a good income but it does take a lot of traffic to move the needle.

10. Create an Online Course

Chances are you know how to do something other people would like to do. If you create an online course, you can direct people to that course and earn money from each of the sales.

While you only get a percentage of the sale amount with affiliate marketing, when you make your own course, you get the whole amount of the sale. Since the course is a digital course, you don’t have a lot of costs so the profits are high.

Once you’ve made the course, the work you have to do is very minimal.

Ready to Up Your Money Game Even More?

Now that you know some great ways to make money while you sleep, why not continue learning more about making your money work for you? Or even better — other people’s money?

Read our article on debt today to learn when debt is good and when it’s bad.

The American corporate debt is a staggering figure of $9 trillion. US companies borrow money on a regular basis and there’s a negative connotation attached to the word ‘debt’.

But there’s another side of the picture. If the companies don’t borrow money, nor take on a private equity investment, then they won’t be able to continue their operations and sustain the business for long and as a result, the national economy will collapse. So it’s basically debt that’s keeping the corporate world and the national economy going.

Now that we’ve established that debt doesn’t have to be necessarily bad, let’s dig deeper and take a look at good debt:

Understanding Good Debt

Taking debt is usually a burden for people because they’re worried about repaying it. But when you take debt to invest in assets that can yield profitability, your debt becomes good debt. You can earn from trading assets and make it a means of additional income. For example, if you buy stocks from the amount borrowed, you can earn dividends as well as profit when you sell them.

Here are some top ways you can convert debt into profit:

Invest in Leveraged ETFs

Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are marketable securities that use debt to enable traders and investors to multiply the returns on a particular index fund. They’re traded on the stock exchange and amplify the returns by 200% to 300%. You can use these funds to invest in commodities, indexes, and bonds across different sectors.

However, ETFs can also work in the opposite direction and result in huge losses. But if you use a good strategy and knowledge about the financial markets, you can convert them into extraordinary profits.

Currency Trading

Currency trading—also known as Forex or foreign-exchange—is known as the buying and selling of currencies in foreign exchange markets for a profit. Two of the biggest benefits of currency trading are that you can convert a very small amount of money into significant profits in a relatively short period of time and the liquidity of Forex market, which means you can withdraw your investment any time.

Forex market is the largest capital market in the world with a daily turnover of $3 trillion and a number of people take debts for currency trading.

Real Estate

Real estate is an appreciating asset, which means its value always tends to increase over time. Many people borrow money to buy real estate, sell it at a profit, repay the debt and use the return on their investment to buy another property. They keep on repeating this cycle and earning increases profits.

You can buy a property that has a high return potential at a low price and sell them at higher prices. Real estate auctions organized by local or state governments are a great place to buy undervalued properties.

Visit our website, Money Cash and Value to explore about leveraged finance and value creation. Our educational resources will help you understand the concepts in detail so you can use debt as an investment to yield profitability.